Custom Software Development

Establish a web presence.
Streamline your business.
Manage it from anywhere.

My Vision

Your business. Streamlined.

Businesses should be able to manage their internal data in the palm of their hand. If your business is using paper, spreadsheets, or MS Access to manage your data, I’m here to help you transition to the next level.

Consider Some Of The Possibilities!​

Recent Projects

Code Board Online

In 2021, I started, a virtual classroom for teaching software development. Students learn from a real teacher, with real classmates, in real-time.  I personally use to software to teach coding classes.  In doing so, I learn about the challenges that teachers face teaching online, and adapt the software accordingly.  Private tutors, code camps, school board teachers, colleges and universities will all be able to use the software to enhance their educational programs.


In 2020, I started development of to bring people together during the pandemic. Families and friends can play almost any standard card game online, as well as Checkers, Chess and Dominos. In the future,  trading card games and game creation will also be added.  Since Gameniter has integrated voice chat, players can play as if they were in the same room.

HUM Tracker : Leak Detection Utility

In 2020-2021, I worked with devmetal as the lead developer of HUM Tracker, a React Native Bluetooth low energy app for detecting leaks in flat roofs. I worked completely remote, and conducted agile meetings three times a week.  The app is available in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Leac Shield Service Manager

In 2018-2021, I helped LEaC Shield improve their workflow by building them a tailor made web application. The responsive web app allows them to manage users, clients, inventory, maintenance visits, and service routes (using Google Maps). It also provides a way for employees to communicate with one another regarding work related matters.

Why Work With Me



I've been developing software for Windows, Linux, and the Web for over 15 Years. I have experience with Java, HTML/CSS/Javascript/NodeJs, C++, Delphi, SQL, PHP, C#, Visual Basic, and Bash.


Secure Your Data

After 10 years of developing medical software, I use proven techniques and technologies that will keep your data secure.


Save Money

Having used both commercial and opensource tools, I use technologies that save you money without sacrificing quality and maintainability.



I empower clients by providing them with a copy of the software's source code, and a liberal license to do as they wish with it.